Start the countdown!

That’s right folks! Start the countdown because I will be going to Japan next spring. I received an email with an offer of employment from Interac at around midnight last night, not even a day after I’d been informed that my information had been released to the Japan office. I sent an email accepting it this morning. It doesn’t quite feel real yet and I have a strong feeling it won’t until I do something like buy a one way plane ticket or possibly get on the plane. Anyways, March is a long time off and I have plenty to do in the meantime. Namely find a way of making at least $5000 before March. Other things I need to work on are getting my passport renewed, getting any documents ready, and obviously working on my Japanese. I wonder if my old Japanese sensei will let me TA again…. Probably not.

I will try to keep this blog updated semi-routinely as things progress with getting the paperwork in this fall and any other preparations that I am making for Japan. This is happening! Like really truly happening!


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