Progress and money concerns.

I thought I would make a bit of an update post as far as how everything is going so far. On the Interac front it has been quiet ever since I sent off my paperwork around the end of July. As far as I am aware it was received, deemed acceptable by the American branch and sent off to Japan. From the emails I received I won’t be hearing much of anything again until October 1st or so.

In the meantime my main worry and concern has been money. For those who might not know Interac asks that you bring over the equivalent of around 5000 dollars in yen for your various startup costs, not including your flight and etc. This is quite a bit of money and I’ve been quite concerned because of not having more than a part-time job that was content with fluctuating my hours to a pretty big degree. I’ve been on the job hunt since I started interviewing with Interac for that reason. Happily I finally landed a full-time job at a place that I really think that I will enjoy. The next few weeks will be busy while I transition but hopefully after that I will be busy making money.

Why am I so worried about this 5000? It seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to save up but in reality I’d like to have around 7000-9000 saved at least before I go. The reasons? Well for one there is still a flight to consider and things like work clothes and etc. I also have a student line of credit that will need paying off and I’d like to have a little set aside back here so that I don’t have to immediately worry over sending money home. All that considered I intend to be a very, very frugal person for the next few months.