I am a lover of books. A collector of books. Unless I really dislike it I will always think in the back of my mind, but what if I want to read it someday. For fiction books I don’t really mind this because I will read them again, several times usually. My university textbooks however are another matter. I managed to make it through seven years of university and I have seven years worth of textbooks to my name.

There are a few reasons why I kept so many of my textbooks, most of which I never ended up cracking the cover of in the course. One reason was that I might really want to read them one day, they tended to be on topics I enjoyed at least a little bit. Another reason was that I couldn’t bring myself to sell back a 90-150 dollar textbook for 2 dollars. That wasn’t worth it to me, I would rather add it to my library. Ah yes, my library, my other reason for keeping so many textbooks. I don’t actually have a library, I have a few bookshelves that are quite overflowing already. However, I have always dreamed of having a library. I have always wanted my own little library one day. I cozy place that is filled with all sorts of books. So, why not keep my old textbooks and add them to my library one day?

The reality of going to Japan has changed things. I have a lot of stuff and a lot of it can’t go with my. My library starter pack can not go with me and honestly I wouldn’t want to take it. I’ll most likely be living in a room the size of my current living room or so and believe me when I say that my stuff just won’t all fit. So I have to say goodbye to the idea of a library for now and say goodbye to at least a good chunk of those textbooks because I need all the money I can get. I sorted through two boxes of books the other day which held most of the textbooks from my first four years of university, not even all of them. I used my university’s book buyback app and anything that was worth anything, even 2 dollars, I will be selling back here soon. It’s not that I don’t want the books but I certainly don’t need them right now.

The books is just one part of figuring out what to do with all my stuff as I plan this move to Japan. What things will stay and what will go? I have a lot of things that I bought because I had no inkling that Japan was in my immediate future. Now that I know it really is I am starting the slow but sure journey of getting there.

As an update about Interac, I received an email on October 2nd. This email was not much different than the original offer of employment I received. They asked for confirmation again as well as my preferred start date and confirmed the documents that they had already received. I have two documents left to sent, a signed copy of the offer of employment and the certificate of eligibility form. I plan on making a quick check about my passport before I send these in but otherwise things are progressing. Slowly for sure, but they are moving forward. I have a feeling that once January hits things will begin to happen very fast.