The Waiting Game

No matter who you apply with to go to Japan you will invariably spend a lot of time waiting. For JET the application process is nearly a year long. To avoid this I applied to Interac but I still managed to stick myself with a wait period just as long, the big difference is that I know I have the job whereas in JET you don’t find out for months.

Interac updates have started to roll in finally. At the start of October I received a more official offer of employment and an application for my CoE that I sent off, along with applying for a new passport. And just today I have received several emails from Interac discussing what is happening next. Besides waiting on my CoE (Which won’t be sent for until the end of December at the earliest) the next things I am waiting on are the confirmation of an arrival month and then an offer to work with a specific branch, or rather sub company. According to the email Interac is restructuring into 6 regional companies starting in the spring. I don’t think this really changes much but it does give a slight idea of where you will be going a little sooner, a general group of prefectures at least.

Seeing these emails certainly gets me excited though. Japan is creeping up pretty fast!