Meet the new folks!

After a weekend in Tokyo I hopped on to the Shinkansen and headed off to Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka for a week of training with Interac. I was really looking forward to meeting others who I would be working alongside. Oh, and speaking again. Because I realized shortly after arriving at training that my weekend in Tokyo was probably one of the quietest in my life. Besides facetime with my parents I am pretty sure I didn’t say much at all besides some very, very broken Japanese that was accompanied by much pointing. But hey, it’s not every day that you realize just how well you can get along in a country where you don’t really speak the language.

Training lasted for four days and kept us pretty busy from around 9 until 6 almost every evening. We had a pretty fun group though and many adventures ensued outside of training time. There were 6 of us newbies heading to Otsu city and we had a great vibe going on the whole week of training.

Capping off the training week was an awesome night out for ramen and karaoke. It was my first karaoke in Japan and man was it a total blast. Not only was I over the moon about all of the songs that they had (all of the songs that they don’t have back home) but we also had our room invaded by some very friendly and very drunk Japanese business men. Apparently this doesn’t actually happen often but we had a blast getting to know them. And it proves that you really don’t need to speak each others languages to get along in the end. Oh, and I totally wowed them with my Japanese singing skills for the like 3 songs that I know.

On the weekend we had a bit of time off before leaving since most people were heading out on Sunday morning. I was one of the lucky few that was leaving on Monday. Anyways, we had to be up really early on Saturday for a chest x-ray but after that we were free. In the afternoon, me and some of the other girls headed out to Hamamatsu castle to check out the sites. It was a really pretty day and there was even a branch or two of cherry blossoms that had bloomed early.

On Sunday everyone took off in the morning and there was a small crew of about 8 of us left. A few of us decided we wanted to check out the beach and so we hopped on the train for a bit of exploring. The stop we were directed to was actually pretty far from the beach and we had to go on a bit of a detour because of a bicycle race or something that was going on.


We found the back eventually though and it was cool, even though it was a bit of a grey and gloomy day. We even stumbled upon this cool seafood market of some kind where they grilled fresh oysters right in front of you. That was actually a pretty cool experience and I tried my first oyster. It wasn’t too bad.

That was it for the Hamamatsu adventures though and the next day it was back on a Shinkansen towards my new home in Otsu!


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