Golden Week Adventures Pt. 1

Well, it’s Golden Week here in Japan and it’s time to go on some adventures. On a budget of sorts since I’m running a little low on cash right now. Anyways, Golden Week is a set of national holidays in Japan on April 29 and May 2-4. Usually this means you get around a week or so off. This year I have to work in the days around it which makes it a little awkward.

So, to start off my adventures on the 29th I headed into Kyoto to meet up with some other ALT’s. We mostly just explored around the Gion and Sanjo areas of Kyoto, which is the main shopping and entertainment area of the city. They have a large maze of covered chopping streets that we had a good time wandering through. There was also a cool Cat and Owl Forest inside these shopping streets. Another ALT and I decided to check out the Owl Forest which was really cool. The owls were super soft and friendly. Some of them were super tiny too! I was having a bit of a Harry Potter nerd moment while I was there because of a couple of the owls.

On the Saturday I adventured back to Kyoto in the morning to check out a show with some other ALT’s. There is a very famous Geisha performance every spring called the Miyako Odori that runs from April 1-30th. So, we managed to get tickets for the last day. The Miyako Odori is the oldest and longest running public performance done by Geisha in Kyoto, it has been performed since 1872. The dances were quite beautiful and featured around 40-50 geisha dressed in beautiful kimonos. Sadly there were no pictures allowed but it was a really amazing experience that I would highly recommend.


Later that evening it was back to Otsu for the Shiga Welcome Party with the other interac ALT’s. It was held at a local place called Round 1, which is a complex that includes a large arcade, a sports area, a movie theatre, karaoke rooms, and more. We spent time in the sorts area which includes bumper soccer, roller skating, batting cages, table tennis, karaoke rooms, an arcade, and more. It was super fun and only cost us about $25 a person for around 4 hours. I am definitely planning on going back there some time because there was just so much to do.

Sunday I spent recovering from the fun weekend and now I have three more days left to adventure. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet though. I would love to travel and explore more but money is a little tight till the end of the month. Oh, and it’s supposed to rain for 2 out of 3 days. I may just spend the time relaxing and recovering from my cold.

Until next time everyone!


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