Kinkaku-ji: The Golden Pavillion

At the very beginning of July I took a look at the beautiful weather outside and I decided that I needed to get out of the house and do something. Even after three months in Japan there was still so much that I hadn’t seen. So, I hopped on a train to Kyoto and then decided on where I might want to go. There are hundreds of temples in Kyoto and I had barely seen a handful.

The day was super sunny and because of that I decided I wanted to go and see Kinkaku-ji, the golden temple. I figured that it would be beautiful in the bright sunlight. I grabbed a bus at Kyoto station and I was on my way. Buses are the primary way of getting around in Kyoto. While it does have a subway system, it is not extensive and does not really cover all the sightseeing spots very well. The easiest way to get places is by bus.

The temple itself was very easy to find once I got off the bus. Like many of the popular temples it costs around 500-600 yen to get in. It was well worth it though. Like I had imagined the temple looked amazing with the sun glinting off of its gold coated walls. It was well worth the trip out there in the sun and heat. It is definitely a place I would return to see again.

There was also this fellow hanging out on an island near the temple. It definitely added to the picturesque feel of the temple. I’ve actually seen them quite a lot in Japanese gardens.  IMG_0816


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